Ocular Melanoma Specialists

There are 3 main specialists you might see if you are diagnosed with ocular melanoma


An Ophthalmologist is an eye doctor and will be able to inform you about the appropriate treatments for the primary tumour in the eye.

Medical Oncologist

A Medical Oncologist deals with issues of prognosis as well as existing and experimental therapies that may treat or prevent the appearance of the melanoma.

Radiation Oncologist

A Radiation Oncologist deals with radiation treatment. In some cases, this might treat the eye itself, in others it might treat some of the melanoma that has spread.

Patient Stories

Jodee Rich’s Story
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Jess Van Zeil’s Story

Support Groups

AOMA Patient Advocacy Group

The Australasian Ocular Melanoma Alliance has established a patient advocacy group to get consumers (patients, carers, family or friends) involved in the research process. Having dedicated patient advocates are important to:

    • Provide input into the development and conduct of clinical trials and other research
    • Develop consumer advocacy activities that effect policy change
    • Provide a forum to support one another

If you would like to participate, please email:

You can also visit the facebook group 

Melanoma Patients Australia

If you are a patient looking for a local support group or forum, Melanoma Patients Australia can help. They offer a range of services including professional counselling, support groups and peer to peer connections. For more information, visit the MPA website




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