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Defeating Ocular Melanoma begins here.

Just as you can develop melanoma on your skin, you can also develop it inside your eye.
AOMA is working with clinicians and patients in an effort to defeat ocular melanoma.

What is AOMA?

The Australasian Ocular Melanoma Alliance (AOMA) is a group of medical, para-medical, nursing and consumer representatives aiming to further care and treatment of patients with ocular melanoma across Australia and the world.

What is Ocular Melanoma?

Melanoma is a form of cancer that forms in melanocytes, the cells in the body that produce pigment. Melanoma that develops in parts of the eye are called ocular melanoma. There are 2 primary types:

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An #OcularMelanoma session is part of the MASC Trials ASM. Hear from @AnthonyMJoshua, @TimLuckett2 and @IrisMelanoma in Brisbane, this Thursday 23 March👇 https://t.co/d6L5X24Uj9
Melanoma and Skin Cancer Trials (MASC Trials) @MASC_Trials
The MASC Trials ASM is on Thurs 23 March, Brisbane. If you want to attend, register NOW as we only have 6 seats left before we're booked out! The MASC Trials ASM is a satellite meeting of the Australasian Melanoma Conference, Brisbane, 24-25 March.
https://t.co/33RsHOA6je https://t.co/G4eXh0OZkG

An #OcularMelanoma session is part of the MASC Trials ASM. Hear from @AnthonyMJoshua, @TimLuckett2 and @IrisMelanoma at this face-to-face meeting in Brisbane on 23 March 👇 https://t.co/fwGO66Fjys
Melanoma and Skin Cancer Trials (MASC Trials) @MASC_Trials
Only two weeks until the MASC Trials Annual Scientific Meeting & we only have 10 seats left before the meeting is booked out! Hear from experts in melanoma & skin cancer clinical trials, in-person at Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre, 23 March.
https://t.co/33RsHOAE8M https://t.co/mw1aWAZhiu

@ASOeyesurgeon have a new "Resources and Support" page for patients. 👏
Both @AOMA_MASC and #OcularMelanoma Australia have New Zealand Support Group are listed for patients to connect with. 😊🌻🌻
@MelanomaAus https://t.co/pDQHu0KCny
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