What is a
Clinical Trial?

Clinical trials are research to test new treatments, interventions or tests for the purpose of preventing, detecting, treating or managing  diseases or medical conditions. Clinical trials evaluates how people respond to these treatments, interventions or tests and what side effects might occur as a result. Clinical trials are considered to be part of best practice medicine and are one of many treatment options for treatment of a disease or illness.

More information can be found on the Australian Government’s Australian Clinical Trials website

How do I find a clinical trial? 

Clinical trials can be difficult to find as a patient and you may also have difficulty understanding whether or not the trial is suitable for your condition. The following resources may help you identify available clinical trials. If you have any questions about your eligibility for a trial, take note of the name or registration ID of the trial so that you can consult with your medical professional regarding your potential eligibility.

To view melanoma clinical trials currently recruiting or those soon to recruit participants, please consult:

The AOMA group members work together to lead collaborative trials and research in ocular melanoma. We welcome and encourage the submission of new research proposals, for consideration first by AOMA and then by the Scientific Advisory Committee and board of Melanoma and Skin Cancer Trials Ltd.




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